People Management In the New Robot Age


Dr. Cubie Davis King, PhD.

My recent consultant travels to NM, MO, AK, TX, WA, PR, and CA has confirmed that People Management will be one of the most sought-after skills of the future. We are witnessing definitive gaps in people skills new leaders have and those skills organizations say they need.

Although we are in the mist of one of the greatest industrial revolutions of our time, where (according to the World Economic Forum, Brookings Institute and other research organizations), artificial intelligence, robots and machines will replace 41 million people by the year 2030, yet one skill that will be in high demand will be people skills.

How ironic. As we see more robots added to our work lives, people are losing the ability to work with and communicate with other humans. Recently, I listened to an interview with Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook  (where he admitted that he has always struggled with his public image (or one could say- communications skills). No wonder, since people are not having (live) one-on-one interactions with one another on these types of platforms. HR will have to pay close attention to this area of leader development. 

Here is what my recent travels have uncovered. Organizations are asking for leadership development training to:

(1) show leaders how to hire the right people from the outset,

(2) inspire a shared vision (or collaboration skills),

(3) strategies for complex problem solving

(4) sound judgement and decision making skills,

(5) how to get team members working with their leader instead of against her/him,

(6) conflict resolution and management,

(7) negotiation skills when working with difficult personalities (or coordination with others),

(8) emotional intelligence ( or maintaining your cool under pressure. and

(9) discipline and discharge. Confirmed:

PEOPLE MANAGEMENT has taken center stage in organizations around the country and will require even more attention in the future. What is your organization doing to train new leaders on these vital people skills?

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