People Management Using New Analytics

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Cubie Davis King, PhD.

People management and talent retention are now CEO level issues, and data-driven predictive analytics are helping C-suite executives understand

(1) why top talent chooses to leave organizations,

(2) the ability to predict retention within weeks (with 95% accuracy) and

(3) strategic steps to prevent their top talent from departing.

Leader companies like AOL, Google, Pfizer, Facebook, SAB Miller, Walmart, IBM, Oracle, ADP, and others are using people analytics to build better leadership models and gain a competitive edge by understanding all elements of their workforce. This will be the new normal for HR. People management analytics are also being used to

(4) develop better hiring models (such as how many times to interview candidates for open positions, for

(5) studying which employees are most at risk of committing ethical transgressions, and much more.

A recent study revealed that 80% of HR professional score themselves low in their ability to use analytics. As people analytics takes hold, data-driven decision will become the norm across all parts of HR.

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