“I assist organizations with upskilling workforce personnel to succeed in this new 4th Industrial revolution where artificial intelligence, robots and machines will replace over 41 million workers by 2030. 

“My teaching philosophy is simple- inspire and help teams- inspire and help themselves, and they will come up with new innovative techniques and strategies that help their  organization win big.”

Dr. Cubie Davis King is the CEO of Gold Crown Consulting Worldwide- an international training and consulting company. 

He is author, speaker, and  international talent development technologist specializing in the people management and leadership development training and consulting. 

His professional development book The S7ven People Principles is being studied and used by employees at Costco, Holiday Inns, Goodwill Industries, AAA, Super Glue, Yellow Cab, the government of Dubai and many other organizations, large and small.

His new e-book Reinvent Yourself Now! is a virtual textbook on preparing your team for the future of work. 

To inquire about Dr. King’s availability email him at drcubie@gmail or call toll free 866-609-3433.

Make Your Dreams King!

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