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By Dr. Cubie Davis King

Self-Publishing: Far Beyond Just Books:

Other Powerful Methods for PhDs and Other Professionals to Sell Your Knowledge and Expertise

Most PhDs and other business professionals operate under the misnomer that when they hear say self-publishing, it only means self-publishing a book. Nothing can be further from truth. Here are at least nine other ways to get paid when you market your knowledge and expertise. These include:

  1. Blogs
  2. Newsletters
  3. Special Reports
  4. Creation of Niche Specific Business Forms
  5. Training DVDs
  6. Training CDs
  7. E-Books
  8. Audio Books
  9. Corporate Training Manuals

There was a time when you said you were a self-published author that it was nearly shameful. Not anymore! As a self-published author the world is now your oyster. There are not limits to places and countries where people can buy your knowledge-based products and services. And with CoVid-19 happening everywhere, this could not be a better time to sell what you know!

The key is know-how, and this is what I offer. I have been in the self-publishing business for over 21 years and currently have some 20 knowledge-based products on the market selling around the world.  

The training and self=publishing industry is a $250 billion a year industry (and growing fast). I’ll guide you on how to succeed.    

By Dr. Cubie Davis King


Permanent Job Loses That Will Be Worst Than Covid-19

According to a recent Brookings Institute (a highly respected Washington, DC think tank) report, nearly 41 million American workers are in “high exposure” jobs that are in danger of being eliminated by 2030 due to automation. This information is not based on conjecture, but highly respected data.  
The reason this will be far worst that the job loses we witnessed during the CoVid-19 pandemic is that, unlike many of those job loses, these will be permanent (gone forever) due to artificial intelligence, robots, and machines. 
This will fundamentally and forever alter the way leaders lead. Learn how is my exclusive leadership edition- special – e-report,” Reinvent Yourself Now!
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By Dr. Cubie Davis King


Over the past year or so, I’ve written and spoke passionately about future workforce changes that are expected as we move into the 4th industrial revolution. Research conducted by the Brookings Institute, The World Economic Forum, and McKinsey & Co (to name a few) all point to workforce changes the likes our generation has never seen before.

Everything from robots eliminating some 41 million American jobs by 2030, to the rise of gig workers has now all come into focus, as the United States and the world deal with the new coronavirus (CoViD 19). Not even the best algorithms models could have predicted the workplace changes we see happening before our very eyes. Virtually overnight, this virus has caused millions of workers to become “remote workers” and the American workforce landscape will never be the same.

This new way of working will require new skills and strategies for engaging, inspiring, and rallying your team around a shared vision. More than ever before, leaders will have to reimagine and create a new narrative around how they reward soft skills such as emotional intelligence, critical thinking, complex problem solving, judgement and decision making, people management, and those who can exercise cognitive flexibility.

Take a cold hard look at these skills, because according to the experts named above, the demand for these so called “soft skills” will see an increase of nearly 24% over the next 30 years.

Study this list again and you will see that these are the skills organizations desperately need during any crisis, especially  this one. Who can think outside the box? Who can you count on to apply critical thinking and remain calm under pressure. Who understands the 4-Quads of emotional intelligence and can teach it to other members of the team. When it come to judgement and decision making, which of your leaders can effectively lead teams remotely and still inspire them to greatness.

Now is the time to help your supervisors, managers, and leaders with reinventing themselves for the future. Where do you start? By helping them hone the skills that are considered the skills of the future.

Future crisis will require them. Got skills?Reinvent Yourself Now!

© 2020 Cubie Davis King, All rights reserved internationally.

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