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The War for Workers

For C-Suite Leaders Only Comprehensive research study: Complete “how to” train the trainer course. Includes 14 “best practice” strategies from top leader companies to train your HR department on: Succession Planning Knowledge Management Talent Retention Proven researched strategies for developing workforce plans which provide a steady supply of knowledge, skilled, and talented workers.


Future Workforce People Management

Post CoViD Hybrid Workforces require new approaches to leadership. Leaders must reassess their organization’ core values and believes and engage their people in all new ways. From collaboration to team engagement, the new hybris workforce is different. In this resource leaders learn the nine human motives that drive high levels of productivity; the seven principles that inspire people to want to follow their leader, and strategies that top benchmark leaders employ to keep their hybrid workforces motivated and connected to one another and to the organization. The result: ROI at its highest levels.


The PhD Self-Publishing Course Manual

The complete 200 page comprehensive training course MANUAL required for the PhD Self-Publishing Workshop. This course covers the (5) modules needed to succeed as a PhD self-publishing expert. You will learn how to keep control of their work, how to and exactly where to sell your books, training CDs, Training DVDs, and how to sell special reports, The powerful US copyright laws that allows you to pass your work on to your family, how to sell your books in bulk to governmental agencies, and also included is the powerful “how to write book titles that actually sell books” workshop, and much more. Use PayPay Or Pay here using Square: <a href=”; rel=”nofollow”></a&gt;


How To Sell Your Books In Bulk To Government Agencies (e-book)

Special ‘How To” Report This special report reveals the secrets to selling your books in bulk vs. selling one by one. Governments agencies on the federal, state, and local city level purchase training material into the hundreds of millions of dollars each year. Learn the secrets of how to sell your books by the hundreds from a former government buyer/contracting officer and one who had actually done it for the past 20 years. No fluff- just real strategies (by a pro) that actually work! emailed directly to your in box.! Or use this link to purchase through Square:


How To Call A Meeting With Yourself: Daily Success Habits That Produce Stunning Results

In a world turned upside down- this powerful little book will help you get grounded again. The book that has helped thousands of people around the world. Inside you’ll learn how to: (1) boss your thoughts, (2) gain control of your mind, (3) set realistic and achievable goals right now, (4) understand your life’s purpose, (5) a daily personally tracking system that easily help you stay on track. (5) the powerful thought management system called focused believing and how it actually accelerates your success, and much more! or pay with Square:


The S7ven People Principles: w/FREE Audio Book plus FREE Shipping

Book: The S7ven People Principles: Success When Dealing With Other People w/FREE Audio Book- Shipped FREE! Here are Dr. King’s Seven Indisputable Principles for getting people to happily and willing follow you as a leader 1. Everyone Wants to Feel Special (here are simple ways to do it) 2. You People Want Clear Directions (confusion breeds strife) 3. Your People Want You to Listen to Them (management by walking around) 4. Your People Just Want a Fair Chance (how to make magic happen in a team) 5. People Will Rise to Your Level of Expectation (expect more-get more) 6. Your People Crave Recognition (strategies to motivate your team) 7. Your People Want You to Keep Your Promises! (all of them) Pay with Square::


Reinvent Yourself Now! e-book

Prepare your leaders for the future of work. Futureproof your workforce. Robots and machines are set to eliminate 41 million jobs by 2030. Over 11,000 people will lose their jobs every single day for the next ten years. Who will be the next to go? What occupations are most at risk? What regions will be hit hardest? What are the top skills workers will need? These answers and more are inside. This is a virtual textbook on how to prepare yourself, your family, and your team for the 4th Industrial Revolution. Upskilling is the urgent message. Delivered directly by email. ORDER NOW! Regular retail price $49.00 Pay with Square:


The Knowledge/Expertise Assessment Instrument (e-book)

Professional instrument used to assist PhDs and other professionals with assessing all of the knowledge they have gained over their entire career. This include explicit knowledge and also tacit knowledge they may have never recorded or cataloged. Many have discovered they have other areas of expertise that may be even more lucrative and marketable than they have previous thought. Take the assessment today! Or checkout with Square:


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