IBM Declares Today’s Skills Assessments Obsolete!

by Cubie Davis King, PhD. According to Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM, formal assessments and managers surveys being used today are not very accurate. She posits that by better understanding data patterns and adjacent skills, IBM AI is better able to zero in on an individual’s strengths. She says that manager surveys or formal assessmentsContinue reading “IBM Declares Today’s Skills Assessments Obsolete!”

People Analytics Defined (Really!)

  By Cubie Davis King, PhD. Simply stated. People analytics is people related data (i.e. employee data) being used to inform and improve numerous types of HR, management, and business decisions. These decisions help those operating within the organization’s human system perform better. The kinds of data a particular organization focuses on depends on theirContinue reading “People Analytics Defined (Really!)”

The New War in People Management

by Cubie Davis King, PhD. Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends research revealed that a new war is quietly underway by the world’s most sophisticated companies. This war is to gain a competitive advantage in their markets by understanding all elements of their workforce. Their weapons of choice? People analytics. Companies like Walmart, AOL, Pfizer, Facebook,Continue reading “The New War in People Management”