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People Management Training

group of people sitting near tablePEOPLE MANAGEMENT IN THE ROBOTS & MACHINES AGE

Managing people in the workplace is about to change dramatically. As the number of  robots and machines increase the workplace, and with a ecosystem platform emerging (sometimes referred to as the “open talent economy), leaders face new challenges never witnessed before.

During this 1 and 2 days training, we bring your leaders up to speed quickly on the latest happenings on how artificial intelligence, robots, and machines are changing everything about the way we work and, the way we interact with each other.

This workshop presents real life daily strategies for improving leaders chances of success in the new machine age.    This highly interactive, engaging and fun to participate in training is leader centered and delivered in 10 powerful modules (ala cart). Just pick and choose the ones that work best for your team(s).

Future Workforce People ManagementModule 1: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the 4th Industrial Revolution. What Every Leader Should Know.

Module 3: Digital HR and Predictive Analytics. Mining Employee Data for Better People Management.

Module 6: Generation Z: How They Will Change How Leaders Manage Forever.

Module 7: Complex Problem Solving for Leaders in the New AI/Machines Age.

For a complete listing of these 10 powerful training modules, questions or information on this dynamic training, fill out the form below or better yet, call our office @ 866-609-3433. 

Now is the time to futureproof your workforce. 



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