Dr. Cubie Davis King
Consultant and Coach

Dr. King is an international leadership and talent development technologist with exemplary interpersonal skills. A people-centered leader, he is considered a foremost expert at crafting engaging L&D programs. 

His dynamic leadership and facilitation style is evident when connecting with clients, staff, workshop participants, colleagues, and executives on all levels of organizations. His collaborative and agile style was forged from leading high-performing teams in the US Military, at the Department of Defense, Xerox Corp., Citi Group, and consulting with international clients. 

An expert technologist, he employs a variety of facilitation techniques that have significant impacts on audiences the world over. His empirically studied theories and real-world experiences in human behavior allow him to relate to people of all ethnicities and backgrounds. A seasoned program creator and developer with an above-average propensity for creating marketing campaigns that increase awareness and enrollments in L&D and talent development programs and workshops He is an expert at assessments and data analysis. 

Dr. King’s recent work includes The Predictive Leadership Academy (a comprehensive leadership development course) and The War for Workers (his empirical research on strategies for succession planning, talent management, and talent retention). 

He is a subject matter expert, and his professional toolkit includes tied-together solutions in management consulting, leadership development, front-end analysis, people management, succession planning, talent retention, team building, strategic leadership, and executive coaching. 


Since the pandemic, Dr. King has conducted over 700 best-in-class training hours on the Zoom platform, which included leading discussions on EDI. 

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