The S7ven People Principles

The S7ven People Principles

Book: The Seven People Principles: Success When Dealing With Other People with a FREE Audio Book—Shipped FREE!

Here are Dr. King’s Seven Indisputable Principles for Getting People to Happily and Willingly Follow You as a Leader:

  1. Everyone Wants to Feel Special (here are simple ways to do it)
  2. You People Want Clear Directions (confusion breeds strife)
  3. Your People Want You to Listen to Them (management by walking around)
  4. Your People Just Want a Fair Chance (how to make magic happen in a team)
  5. People Will Rise to Your Level of Expectation (expect more-get more)
  6. Your People Crave Recognition (strategies to motivate your team)
  7. Your People Want You to Keep Your Promises! (all of them)

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